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With trust and integrity as a top priority, you can be assured that we only represent sellers we have complete confidence in. Our pharmacy consultants are strategically located throughout the country, allowing us to provide listings nationwide. We work with all types of pharmacies and can match you with listings that fit your criteria. Using our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we sell pharmacies at fair market rates. As a buyer, you will have reassurance knowing that we have already been through the financials to ensure they are reflective of the actual business. We will help you find the right pharmacy for your needs and can connect you with industry leading resources for financing, legal counsel, and other helpful contacts.

We can help purchase many types of pharmacies, including (but not limited to): Retail, LTC, Compounding, Mail Order, and Specialty.


Below is a sampling of some of the pharmacies we have for sale. Contact us for a comprehensive list in your area of interest.



Midwest Region

Well-established, absentee-owned retail with a non-sterile compounding pharmacy located in a small strip plaza in Northeast Ohio. Pharmacy compounds include BHRT, men's & women's health, derm, dental, and veterinary. There is significant potential for compounding growth as owners have other business interests that keep them from focusing on this business.

Rural Missouri – Established pharmacy in a smaller community with no other competition. The owner is a non-operator, so it will be a smooth transaction with a Non-Operator Owner to purchase.

Southwest Missouri - Pharmacy has over 2 decades of service in an average-sized community. The owner is a non-operator, so it will be an easier transition to a new owner.

Rural Pharmacy in West Michigan – Small pharmacy located inside a supermarket in a rural West Michigan town. There is potential to convert this to a telepharmacy to improve profitability.

Rural Retail Pharmacy in Eastern Illinois - Well-established retail pharmacy located in a busy medical clinic in rural eastern Illinois near the Indiana border. Pharmacy has been in operation since 1987, has annual sales of over $8M and averages over 90,000 prescriptions per year. Owner works minimal time on the bench and mainly serves in administrative role but is looking to retire.

Family-owned and operated independent pharmacy located in western Kansas. Established in 1977, this pharmacy has built a strong and loyal patient base. It embodies the charm and personalized service characteristic of small towns, processing 36,000 prescriptions annually and generating sales surpassing $1.8 million. With substantial profits and significant sales of durable medical equipment (DME) and over-the-counter (OTC) products, this opportunity is worth considering.

Well-established stand-alone retail pharmacy along the main thoroughfare in a mid-size town south of Akron. Pharmacy has been in operation for close to 30 years and had annual sales of over $3.2 million in 2022. Sales are projected to be over $3.3 million in 2023. Sales have shown steady and consistent increase since 2020. DEM, ostomy and nutrition sales in 2022 of over $400,000 help maintain healthy profitability. Pharmacy offers compliance packaging and delivery as well.

A highly established independent retail pharmacy with a successful track record spanning more than 12 years. Achieving annual sales exceeding 9 million dollars, it consistently processes an average of 120,000 prescriptions annually. Noteworthy over-the-counter (OTC) sales surpass $100,000 per year, and durable medical equipment (DME) sales consistently exceed $71,000 yearly.

Established over five decades ago, this longstanding retail pharmacy has maintained a solid presence in the market, boasting a successful operation for over 57 years. With consistent annual sales totaling $2.5 million and an impressive average of 46,000 prescriptions filled per year, this pharmacy has garnered a loyal customer base and a reputation for reliability.
Presently, the owner is interested in selling the building, presenting an opportunity for potential buyers to acquire not only a thriving business but also a prime property in an established location. The property's history, coupled with its consistent sales performance and high prescription fill rate, makes it an attractive investment for individuals or entities seeking a stable and profitable venture in the pharmaceutical industry or real estate market.

Eastern Region

Retail Pharmacy in Pittsburgh area – Busy retail pharmacy in Pittsburgh area. 2022 sales were $5.5M with gross profit roughly $1.1M. Filled 74,000 prescriptions. Anticipate filing more prescriptions in 2024 as compliance packaging patient volume increases.

Retail Pharmacy for sale in Long Island, NY – This pharmacy is located in Suffolk County, is 2,600 square feet has modern fixtures and is located in a shopping center. Weekly scripts are 700 and annual revenues are more than $2.1M. All third-party plans, clean licenses and permits are in place.

Southern Region

Small town 45 minutes west of Houston. Out of heat zone. It has been a family pharmacy for over 50 years. Filling over 50,000 scripts per year and $2.6M in total revenue. It could be an owner-operator or an absentee owner.

Rural Dallas Area. Pharmacy is located in a small town within 1 ½ hours of DFW Metroplex. Total revenue is over $3.6M and filling over 53,000 scripts per year. There is very little competition and opportunity to introduce new ideas with good profit margins.

West of DFW. 20 minutes west of Fort Worth serving its community since the 1940’s. Located in a downtown style building. $1.5M in total revenue and filling 21,450 scripts per year. Recently added compounding business with equipment to grow. Perfect opportunity for someone looking to be an owner operator.

Rural Texas near San Antonio and Houston. Only pharmacy in town. Filling 40,000 scripts per year and $2.7M in total revenue. Very consistent numbers over last 3 years.

Low volume pharmacy in Dallas Metroplex. Located on bottom floor of 5 story MOB. Not in a heat zone. Has all contracts and licenses are clean. Asking $200,000 plus inventory.

West Coast Region

Western US - This is a well-established (> 20 years) Fertility Pharmacy and Compounding Facility. The pharmacy has an extremely hard-to-get rebate contract with fertility pharmaceutical manufacturers. Very connected to specialty prescribers in the Western US.

Rural Western Washington - The building is owned in a very rural part of the Western side of Washington. The local health plan has discussed offering an incentive to attract a pharmacy owner to the community. It is a beautiful area and has a loyal patient following.

San Diego Area - This pharmacy is a closed-door pharmacy servicing group homes, addiction recovery centers, and some psych group homes. Waiting on updated financials from 2023.

LA County - This is all traditional retail - no delivery and no special packaging, it is in a lower-income area, and over 50% of prescriptions are Medi-Cal. This pharmacy has all contracts and has been open for almost 20 years!

Rural Central CA - This pharmacy is in a three-story medical office building. The pharmacy has been open for over 10 years and has a loyal patient following.

Sacramento, CA area - Waiting on Reports - This pharmacy has very few independent pharmacy competitors nearby. There are 50-60% delivery or retail prescriptions within a 5-10 mile radius. The owner and techs are willing to stay on if needed.

Sacramento, CA - This is the only retail pharmacy in a smaller community with high gross margins. The owner is ready to call it quits and looking for someone to come in and take over the reins.

Sacramento, CA - This is a closed-door hospice pharmacy with GREAT margins on the Hospice meds. The owner is a non-operator so you can choose whether to staff the store yourself or manage the business remotely.

Rural Northern CA - This pharmacy is cash flow positive, but the owner wants to retire, so you or someone you know will need to be the PIC. The owner is willing to help a little with PRN until other options can be identified.

North of LA/Riverside - This is a closed-door pharmacy servicing group homes, LTC, and psychiatric facilities. They have a contract with the county to dispense psychiatric meds to a few psychiatric homes. The owner is ready to retire.

Garden Grove, CA - This pharmacy is owned by a non-operator, and all staff will stay. There is very little delivery, and most of the business is retail walk-in.

San Luis Obispo County - Waiting on Reports. Very few competitors in this area, with sales increasing year over year. This is a mix of retail and compounding; the compounding area is USP 800 compliant. The pharmacy is owned by a non-operator and staff willing to stay in the area.

Bay area - The pharmacy is well established pharmacy (> 15 years) located in a predominately Asian community. They own the condo and will lease, lease to purchase, or sell the property.

Outside Sacramento - This pharmacy JUST opened, with a clean license and all third-party contracts, fixtures, and equipment in place. You can either operate the space or transfer the license and the third-party contracts to another location.

Central CA - Multi-store owner has built a very successful business and is not ready to slip into retirement. They have a great reputation and have been in the communities they serve for decades! The owner does not function as a pharmacist, so this is ideal for either a non-owner operator or owner operator. All positions are currently staffed, and the owner will help with the transition.

Pharmacy for Sale in Rural Oregon - This pharmacy is located in a BEAUTIFUL part of rural Oregon. This is a well-established drug store and the only pharmacy in the area. The pharmacy is fully staffed (non-operator owner) and the building is owned by the pharmacy owner (for sale or lease).

Rural Central California Muti Store - The owner is ready to retire! These pharmacies are all within an hour of each other. They have a good selection of front-end merchandise, and one of the buildings is owned by the pharmacy owner. The pharmacies are all staffed; the owner only does administrative and inventory purchase sourcing. You will NOT find many independents with this type of volume and profit.

Retail Pharmacy in Rural Southern California - This pharmacy is located in rural southern California and is FULLY STAFFED! This pharmacy will work for either an owner-operator or a non-owner operator. The pharmacy has been around for 10+ years and continues to grow year over year, up 9.8% over 2022!

Derm Pharmacy in Riverside County - This pharmacy has been open for almost 10 years, but not actively marketing to increase business. Has all contracts except Medi-Cal (currently being re-activated). Also has a Caremark mail-order contract. Pharmacy is cash flow neutral but has issues with any regulatory agencies.

Rural retail pharmacy located in a rural, Northwestern California town on the waterfront with tons of recreational activities and wine tasting close by! Annual sales are $2.6 million with 36,600 annual scripts and a gross profit of $575,000. Pharmacy is long-standing and can grow with addition of clinical services.

This retail pharmacy is located in a metropolitan area of Hawaii and has been open for several years. The pharmacy is filling about 600 prescriptions per week and the annual sales are in excess of $2 million. The business is increasing because a few retail chains recently closed down in the area. The patient population is predominantly Chinese/Vietnamese.

This Hospice/Assisted Living/LTC pharmacy is located in the greater Sacramento, CA area. The business is mostly closed door with a very small amount of retail. There is a healthy gross profit (42%) with $1.8 million in annual sales and 61,000 annual scripts. Net profit is $250,000.

Fast growing pharmacy (~9% script growth year over year) located in a suburban neighborhood in Eastern Riverside County, CA. Pharmacy is located on a busy corner with great potential for further growth. $3 million annual sales and 48,000+ annual scripts. Pharmacy owner is willing to stay on for a set amount of time to help transition the business.

Well-established stand-alone retail pharmacy in a medical open-air plaza in Southern Oregon off I-5. $5.5M in annual sales with 78,000 scripts. Only independent in the area. Does some residential care as well. Lease can be extended.

This California compounding facility was functioning as a fully operational /licensed 503B facility but voluntarily shut down a few years ago because of intense regulatory scrutiny. All of the set up and all of the equipment is still in place. The owner is willing to rent the space/equipment or sell the entire setup and building. The current building is about 20,000 sq. ft and the adjacent building is also for sale. The owner is available as a consultant to get the licensing back (previously licensed in over 40 states) and will help hire previous staff, get the operation up and running and reclaim much of the previous business.

Southeast Region

East North Carolina – Multi-store owner in the community for 20+ years. Fully staffed, and owners seldom function as RPh.

Three well-established pharmacies located in Northern Kentucky with an impressive annual sales revenue of $12 million and an annual prescription volume of 229,000. The sale includes a profitable Durable Medical Equipment (DME) business. This opportunity stands out with minimal local competition and a dedicated customer base that has been faithfully served since 1964. Year-over-year, the volume of business continues to grow. Additionally, the real estate is included in the offering, with the option for sale or lease, and features a spacious front end stocked with a wide array of gift items.

A thriving Retail Pharmacy located in Southwest Tennessee is up for sale. With a successful track record of over 12 years and consistent growth, this pharmacy boasts annual sales exceeding 2.5 million and fills approximately 25,000 prescriptions per year. The current owner is committed to staying on board and is open to holding a partial note or shared ownership for the new owner.

2 Pharmacy Deal in North Carolina - Busy, established retail pharmacies with bigger front ends and fully staffed. The pharmacies have been part of the communities for almost two decades. Sales continue to grow at each store.

This is a well-established pharmacy (10+ years) in a smaller community less than an hour outside Atlanta. This community is BEAUTIFUL; historic sites have been updated, and the community is growing rapidly. It is located in a beautiful building next to a family practice and other prescribers. Very few competitors in the area. This is a good fit for either an operator owner or a non-operator owner, as staffing is stable!

Three well-established pharmacies located in Northern Kentucky with an impressive annual sales revenue of $12 million and an annual prescription volume of 229,000. The sale includes a profitable Durable Medical Equipment (DME) business. This opportunity stands out with minimal local competition and a dedicated customer base that has been faithfully served since 1964. Year-over-year, the volume of business continues to grow. Additionally, the real estate is included in the offering, with the option for sale or lease, and features a spacious front end stocked with a wide array of gift items.

Retail pharmacy in southwest Kentucky for sale. In operation for over 6 years with annual sales averaging $2.5M and 42,000 scripts/year. OTC sales are $40,000 annually. Medicaid volume is 39%. Building is for sale as well.

LTC pharmacy in western Florida servicing 8 ALF's, filling 36,000 scripts per year. $2.25M in revenue. Opened in 2020 and continuing to grow.


Intermountain Region

Intermountain Region

Denver area - This pharmacy is located next to a marketplace (both grocery and pharmacy owned by the same owner). The prescription volume is growing year after year and has a focus on many diabetic patients.

Compounding Pharmacy for Sale in Arizona - This is a very established, non-sterile hazardous company facility with upgrades to equipment. This is in a one-story building.

Rural Idaho Multi Store Pharmacies - This pharmacy is located in a BEAUTIFUL part of rural Idaho. If you like the outdoors, this place is for YOU! Second-generation owner with many long-term employees. The owner is still involved in the business and will need a pharmacist to replace him at one store. Sales increased 6.5% over 2022. They just converted to rural rates on two stores and switched wholesalers, so margins are rapidly increasing.

This Closed Door pharmacy is located in Tucson, AZ area and focuses on Hospice and Group Home prescriptions. Great relationships with the homes/facilities that they service, with Gross Margins approaching 50% with sales over $1.1 million (2022). The owner owns the building and is flexible, leasing the building, selling the building, or just selling the patient files to another existing pharmacy.

Two pharmacies are owned by the same ownership group in the Phoenix area. Because one of the pharmacies has a higher percentage of delivery and the pharmacies are relatively close to each other, it could be a great opportunity to consolidate all of the business into one location. The pharmacies have been open for 40+ years combined with a loyal pharmacy base. This is a great opportunity to use your business skills to grow these pharmacy businesses.

This owner has 3 pharmacies in a beautiful part of the rural Northwest. Each pharmacy is multi-generational. Two have rural third-party contracts and the combined stores are projected at $11.25M for 2023 with a 7.3% increase over the prior year.

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