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With trust and integrity as a top priority, you can be assured that we only represent sellers we have complete confidence in. Our pharmacy consultants are strategically located throughout the country, allowing us to provide listings nationwide. We work with all types of pharmacies and can match you with listings that fit your criteria. Using our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we sell pharmacies at fair market rates. As a buyer, you will have reassurance knowing that we have already been through the financials to ensure they are reflective of the actual business. We will help you find the right pharmacy for your needs and can connect you with industry leading resources for financing, legal counsel, and other helpful contacts.

We can help purchase many types of pharmacies, including (but not limited to): Retail, LTC, Compounding, Mail Order, and Specialty.


Below is a sampling of some of the pharmacies we have for sale. Contact us for a comprehensive list in your area of interest.



Midwest Region

Closed door LTC Pharmacy located in one of the fastest growing regions in Western Wisconsin. Projected 2024 sales $3.2-3.5 million, 2025 $3.8-4.1 million. The pharmacy offers top-of-the line strip packaging and verification robotics, enabling capture of increased LTC dispensing revenue and product safety. The husband-and wife ownership team is willing to stay on in some capacity to help grow the business. (Wife is RPh but has worked in admin roll exclusively for the past few years. Husband is CPA with LTC billing and ownership knowledge.) Integrated with the right organization, the possibility for continued growth is easily within reach.

Eastern Kansas pharmacy for sale. Thriving hybrid pharmacy boasting a strong profit margin, anchored by a decade-long tenure at its current location. With an annual average of over 67,000 combined retail and LTC prescriptions, it achieved sales exceeding $4 million last year, demonstrating consistent growth.

Well-established, absentee-owned retail with a non-sterile compounding pharmacy located in a small strip plaza in Northeast Ohio. Pharmacy compounds include BHRT, men's & women's health, derm, dental, and veterinary. There is significant potential for compounding growth as owners have other business interests that keep them from focusing on this business.

Rural Missouri – Established pharmacy in a smaller community with no other competition. The owner is a non-operator, so it will be a smooth transaction with a Non-Operator Owner to purchase.

Southwest Missouri - Pharmacy has over 2 decades of service in an average-sized community. The owner is a non-operator, so it will be an easier transition to a new owner.

Family-owned and operated independent pharmacy located in western Kansas. Established in 1977, this pharmacy has built a strong and loyal patient base. It embodies the charm and personalized service characteristic of small towns, processing 36,000 prescriptions annually and generating sales surpassing $1.8 million. With substantial profits and significant sales of durable medical equipment (DME) and over-the-counter (OTC) products, this opportunity is worth considering.

** Under Contract** Well-established stand-alone retail pharmacy along the main thoroughfare in a mid-size town south of Akron. Pharmacy has been in operation for close to 30 years and had annual sales of over $3.2 million in 2022. Sales are projected to be over $3.3 million in 2023. Sales have shown steady and consistent increase since 2020. DEM, ostomy and nutrition sales in 2022 of over $400,000 help maintain healthy profitability. Pharmacy offers compliance packaging and delivery as well.

A highly established independent retail pharmacy with a successful track record spanning more than 12 years. Achieving annual sales exceeding 9 million dollars, it consistently processes an average of 120,000 prescriptions annually. Noteworthy over-the-counter (OTC) sales surpass $100,000 per year, and durable medical equipment (DME) sales consistently exceed $71,000 yearly.

Established over five decades ago, this longstanding retail pharmacy has maintained a solid presence in the market, boasting a successful operation for over 57 years. With consistent annual sales totaling $2.5 million and an impressive average of 46,000 prescriptions filled per year, this pharmacy has garnered a loyal customer base and a reputation for reliability. Presently, the owner is interested in selling the building, presenting an opportunity for potential buyers to acquire not only a thriving business but also a prime property in an established location. The property's history, coupled with its consistent sales performance and high prescription fill rate, makes it an attractive investment for individuals or entities seeking a stable and profitable venture in the pharmaceutical industry or real estate market.

Eastern Region

Retail Pharmacy is situated in Worcester County, Massachusetts, approximately 40 miles west of Boston, in a prime and rapidly expanding area. The pharmacy fills around 740 prescriptions weekly, averaged over the last 12 months, and achieved gross sales of $4.6 million in 2023. A small percentage of these prescriptions are for assisted living facilities. Controlled substances comprise about 13%, and cash transactions account for 6% of total sales. The net income for 2023 was $177,000. Operating Monday through Saturday, the pharmacy occupies a standalone building of approximately 2,000 square feet. An excellent, assignable lease is in place at $2,600 per month. There is significant potential for growth.

Southern Region

Established Dermatological and Compounding Pharmacy located in the vibrant DFW Metroplex. This thriving business boasts a projected revenue of $4.5 million, offering an exceptional opportunity for investors or pharmacists looking to expand their portfolio. With a focus on dermatological products and compounding services, the pharmacy holds direct contracts with leading manufacturers in the dermatology field, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality products. Situated in a prime location with a favorable lease agreement, this pharmacy enjoys excellent visibility and accessibility.

Introducing a state-of-the-art pharmacy facility nestled in the heart of the bustling DFW Metroplex, equipped to meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical compounding. Our USP 795, 797, and 800 compliant pharmacy stands ready to cater to your GLP-1 business needs with precision and care. Following a recent $400,000 remodel, our compounding suite is primed with cutting-edge technology and adheres to the latest industry regulations, ensuring the utmost safety and efficacy of every formulation. Whether you require specialized medications, sterile preparations, or personalized pharmaceutical solutions, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering excellence at every step.

An exceptional opportunity in the heart of the Dallas Metroplex awaits at this non-sterile 795 compounding pharmacy. Situated within a spacious 3600 square-foot freestanding building on nearly an acre of land, this pharmacy boasts ample space for growth and expansion. Boasting a large immunization business, it's primed for further development in the booming healthcare sector. With a robust $3.2 million in total revenue, this pharmacy presents a lucrative investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter or expand within the pharmacy industry. Don't miss out on the chance to acquire a thriving business in a prime location with immense potential.

Welcome to our rural pharmacy nestled near the DFW area, boasting a robust total revenue of $4.6 million annually. With a stellar reputation for excellence in service, we proudly fill over 58,000 prescriptions each year, catering to the healthcare needs of our community. This thriving business presents an exciting opportunity for growth, supported by our loyal customer base and the expanding healthcare demands of the region. Situated in a charming freestanding building, our pharmacy offers convenience with a drive-through option, ensuring swift and seamless transactions for our valued patrons. As an added bonus, prospective buyers have the unique chance to acquire not just a flourishing pharmacy business but also the property it resides in, securing a solid investment in both healthcare and real estate. Join us in continuing to provide essential healthcare services while unlocking the potential for future success

Thriving Rural Pharmacy Opportunity Near Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Charming Small Town within 1 ½ Hours of DFW Metroplex, Rural Dallas Area
Join the ranks of successful health care entrepreneurs with this lucrative Pharmacy opportunity nestled in a quaint small town in the rule Dallas area with the solid track record of over 3.6 million in total revenue and filling over 53,000 prescriptions annually this pharmacy represents an ideal investment for those seeking A thrilling business in a community oriented setting. Situated within convenient reach of the bus lane DFW Metroplex yet nestled in the tranquility of rules surroundings, offering the best of both worlds for residents and commuters alike. Serving as a trusted health care provider in the community, this pharmacy has built a loyal clientele over the years, fostering strong relationship with patients and healthcare professionals. Enjoy the benefits of operating in a market with minimal competition, allowing ample room for growth and innovation. With a robust revenue stream and healthy profit margins, this pharmacy represents an attractive investment opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. Sees the chance to introduce new services, products, and ideas to further enhance the pharmacies offerings and capitalize on untapped market potential. Embrace the spirit of a small town living by actively engaging with the local community, fostering trust, and contributing to the areas well-being. Don't miss out on this rare chance to own a thriving pharmacy business in the heart of rural Dallas. Take the next step towards entrepreneurial success and acquire today!

Small town 45 minutes west of Houston. Out of heat zone. It has been a family pharmacy for over 50 years. Filling over 50,000 scripts per year and $2.6M in total revenue. It could be an owner-operator or an absentee owner.

West of DFW. 20 minutes west of Fort Worth serving its community since the 1940’s. Located in a downtown style building. $1.5M in total revenue and filling 21,450 scripts per year. Recently added compounding business with equipment to grow. Perfect opportunity for someone looking to be an owner operator.

Rural Texas near San Antonio and Houston. Only pharmacy in town. Filling 40,000 scripts per year and $2.7M in total revenue. Very consistent numbers over last 3 years.

West Coast Region

Unlock the potential of this dynamic retail and compounding pharmacy hybrid situated on the outskirts of Albuquerque. Established less than five years ago, the pharmacy boasts newer fixtures and equipment, with a fully compliant compounding lab meeting USP 795 and 800 standards. he pharmacy holds all third-party contracts and maintains a clean Board of Pharmacy license. The owner is an absentee owner so there was not anyone there to really drive the business. This untapped gem brims with opportunity, awaiting an ambitious pharmacist eager to take the reins and drive its success. Seize the chance to transform this pharmacy into a thriving community hub, serving as a testament to entrepreneurial vision and dedication to healthcare excellence.

Step into the epicenter of compounding pharmaceutical innovation amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of the southwest. Our meticulously designed sterile/non-sterile hazardous/non-hazardous pharmacy, housed within a spacious 3,750-square-foot facility, serves as the nucleus of cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Crafted under the guidance of a national design expert, our pharmacy stands as a beacon of compliance, fully aligned with the latest standards of USP 795, 797, and 800 regulations. This ensures years of enduring safety, compliance, and efficacy in all our operations. With a flourishing portfolio that includes in-demand GLP1 injections, our trajectory points towards unprecedented success, with projected 2024 sales soaring to $8-$10 million, yielding an impressive net profit projection exceeding $2.5 million. Yet, beyond the metrics lies our unwavering commitment to the growth and fulfillment of our team members. Through rigorous and comprehensive training programs tailored for key roles such as the PIC, Designated Person, and sterile compounders, we cultivate expertise and satisfaction, rendering us an enticing prospect for absentee owners seeking a thriving investment. Conveniently located within a 15-minute radius of the airport, we transcend the conventional definition of a pharmacy, emerging as a renowned destination for excellence in healthcare. This unparalleled opportunity beckons absentee owners eager to partake in our journey towards continued success.

This is a well established (> 20 years) Fertility Pharmacy and Compounding Facility. The pharmacy has the extremely hard to get rebate contracts with fertility pharmaceutical manufacturers. Very connected to specialty prescribers in the Western US. Waiting on additional financials and reports.

Escape to the tranquility of rural Washington with this exceptional pharmacy opportunity. Nestled in the scenic beauty of the Western side, this pharmacy holds the promise of a slower pace of life and a close-knit community atmosphere. With the local health plan considering incentives to attract a new pharmacy owner, now is the perfect time to become a vital member of this rural community. Having annual sales just shy of $2 million and filling nearly 700 prescriptions weekly, this pharmacy enjoys a loyal patient following and serves as a beacon of healthcare in Northwest Washington. If you're yearning to leave the hustle and bustle behind and make a meaningful impact, seize this chance to embrace a simpler, more fulfilling way of life.

Embrace the chance to own a pharmacy nestled in the picturesque landscape of central California, just a stone's throw away from the renowned Napa Valley. With annual sales nearing $3 million and filling over 700 prescriptions weekly, this traditional retail pharmacy boasts positive cash flow and immense growth potential. While delivery services are minimal, the beauty of the area and its proximity to Napa Valley make it an attractive location for both residents and visitors alike. The current owner, ready to retire after several years, presents a unique opportunity for an ambitious entrepreneur to step in and build upon the existing success. While a new Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) will be needed, the owner is willing to provide assistance on a PRN basis until suitable arrangements are made. Seize this opportunity to take the reins of a thriving business and write the next chapter of success in this captivating Central California community.

Embrace the coastal charm of central California with this exceptional pharmacy opportunity. Nestled in an area devoid of independent competitors and with only two chain pharmacies, this establishment enjoys a prime position for growth. Offering a blend of retail and compounding services, with a fully compliant compounding area meeting USP 795 and 800 standards, this pharmacy is poised for success. Under the ownership of a non-operator, the dedicated staff is ready to remain in place, ensuring a smooth transition. With annual sales reaching $5 million and filling approximately 1,000 prescriptions weekly, the pharmacy boasts impressive net profits exceeding $300,000. Seize the chance to own a thriving healthcare hub in a coveted coastal locale, where opportunity meets potential for lucrative returns.

Step into a living legacy with this nearly century-old pharmacy, blending tradition with cutting-edge services in retail and compounding. Fully compliant with USP 795 and 800 standards, this pharmacy is a beacon of healthcare excellence in Kern County, CA. With an average of about 1,100 total prescriptions monthly and annual sales nearing $5 million, it stands as a cornerstone of the community's well-being. Owned by an absentee owner, the Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) is prepared to stay on board, offering continuity and expertise. What's more, the owner of the business also owns the building, presenting a rare opportunity for flexibility in ownership—whether through sale, lease, or lease to purchase. Don't miss your chance to own not just a pharmacy, but a piece of Kern County's enduring heritage and future prosperity.

Seize the opportunity to step into a brand-new venture with this recently opened pharmacy in Sutter County, CA. With a pristine license, established third-party contracts, and all fixtures and equipment in place, this turnkey operation is ready for immediate operation. Whether you choose to operate the space yourself or transfer the license and contracts to another location, the potential for success is undeniable. Don't miss your chance to make your mark in the pharmaceutical landscape of Sutter County from day one.

Uncover the charm of the western half of Oregon, where sprawling landscapes and affordable living await. Tucked away in this serene environment lies a local treasure: a traditional retail pharmacy with over five decades of trusted service. Enjoying a monopoly within a 30-mile radius, this pharmacy boasts impressive annual sales of $3.5 million and a substantial normalized net exceeding $250,000 in 2023. With the building owned by the proprietor, including a spacious front end, this establishment offers stability and potential for expansion. But beyond its business success, this rural haven offers a tranquil lifestyle amidst nature's beauty. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of this tranquil paradise, where rural third-party reimbursement rates enhance the appeal for savvy investors.

Unleash the potential of this bustling pharmacy in rural Southern California, where over 3,000 prescriptions are filled weekly, with sales exceeding $12 million annually and doubling since 2017. Positioned in a high-density prescription zone, this pharmacy shows no signs of slowing down. Embrace a turnkey opportunity as the owner steps back, with a committed staff ready to transition seamlessly. With a remarkable 40% delivery rate managed in-house, seize the reins of this thriving healthcare hub and ride the wave of its continued success.

Prime Opportunity: Established Pharmacy in Central Phoenix!
Unlock the potential of this thriving pharmacy, serving the heart of Phoenix for nearly two decades. With a focus on traditional retail supplemented by convenient delivery and med-sync services, this business stands at the forefront of community healthcare. Benefit from a seamless transition as the owner offers to stay on board, facilitating a smooth handover, and is even willing to continue working part-time. With a proven track record of profitability, this pharmacy presents a rare chance to step into a cash-flow positive venture and expand upon its success. Don't miss out on this prime opportunity to make your mark in the healthcare landscape of Phoenix. Inquire now to learn more about this promising pharmacy!

This Pharmacy has been open 5 years and is thriving with a very captive audience, only one chain a few miles away and no other independent for over 10 miles. With annual sales approaching $4 Million and a net profit over $225,000, this is a great opportunity. The owner built the pharmacy business by networking with Doctors and being an active immunizing pharmacy in the community. It is fully staffed and can owned by a non-operator owner. The building and fixtures are newer; great retail opportunity. The pharmacy is in somewhat of a rural area of central California; within 60 miles of Sacramento.

Embrace the opportunity to step into a burgeoning pharmacy venture nestled within a rural community in Northern California. Despite its tender age of less than a year, this establishment stands poised for exponential growth in an area dominated by a single chain. With the community expanding at a rapid pace, projections indicate soaring sales, expected to surpass $2.5 million in the coming year. These figures, based on conservative estimates of 5% month-over-month growth, underscore the untapped potential of this promising enterprise. Seize the chance to be at the forefront of this thriving local healthcare hub, where every prescription filled tells a story of community trust and burgeoning success. The PIC does not plan on staying in the area so the pharmacy will need to be staffed with a new PIC.

Unlock the potential of a previously active 503B pharmacy, primed for resurrection after a brief hiatus. Established in 2018, this facility shuttered its doors due to regulatory scrutiny from the CABOP, leading to strategic changes within the organization. With a former PIC now serving as a key inspector, the pharmacy is well-versed in cGMP standards, specializing in IV therapy. Boasting a robust infrastructure, including four boilers for sterile water production and ample space spanning 20,000 sq ft, this facility holds immense promise. Additionally, an adjacent building presents expansion opportunities. Most equipment remains intact, offering a solid foundation for revitalization. The owner stands ready to lend expertise as a consultant, facilitating the reacquisition of 39 state licenses and reengaging clientele.

Embark on a rare opportunity to acquire a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy, licensed in California and Arizona, nestled in the heart of Monterey County, just south of the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. This exceptional offering includes four fully equipped, state-of-the-art labs, each meticulously designed and compliant with the latest USP Standards. From sterile hazardous to non-sterile non-hazardous compounding, every aspect of this pharmacy is engineered for excellence. The Sterile Hazardous Lab boasts a sterile negative pressure room with two Biological Safety Cabinets, while the Sterile Non-Hazardous Lab features a sterile positive-pressure room with two laminar flow hoods. Complementing these, the Non-Sterile Hazardous Lab and Non-Sterile Non-Hazardous Lab are equipped to meet USP 800 and 795 standards, respectively, with cutting-edge technology. Operated by 100% absentee owners, this pharmacy is fully staffed with trained sterile and non-sterile compounding technicians and pharmacists, presenting a turnkey opportunity for visionary investors to step into the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation and excellence.

Unlock the potential of this prime pharmacy location situated on a bustling corner in the vibrant Phoenix/East Valley area, directly across from two extremely busy chain pharmacies. Boasting modern fixtures and equipment, this pharmacy is primed for success. Despite recent changes, including a PIC transition and reduced operating hours, it holds active pharmacy permits and maintains crucial third-party contracts. With strategic positioning and untapped potential, this pharmacy presents a rare opportunity for entrepreneurial visionaries to revitalize and redefine its future in the competitive healthcare landscape of Arizona.

This is a well-established pharmacy in the heart of our bustling rural community in San Bernardino County. With the legacy of serving their neighbors, they stand tall as a cornerstone of health care in their small town. Boasting over $3.5 million in annual sales, they fill over 1,000 prescriptions every week, ensuring the well-being of their patrons. Approximately 15-20% of their business caters to long-term care needs, reflecting their commitment to holistic health care. Combining their LTC business and scrutinized purchase prices, the gross margins exceed 20%, with over $250,000 in normalized net profit! Nestled on the corner with seamless accessibility, their space of over 1,000 square feet has modern fixtures and equipment. Here, innovation meets tradition, offering a pharmacy experience that surpasses expectations. Welcome to a pharmacy where community care thrives, and excellence knows no bounds.

Discover an enticing opportunity nestled between Moreno Valley and Temecula, California, within a thriving medical complex. This pharmacy boasts a unique blend of retail and hospice services, with the latter driving up profit margins. Despite limited delivery services, its strategic location yields annual sales of $1 million and net profits of $78,000. Prior to opening, there was another pharmacy in this location that was filling over 1,500 prescriptions a week that sold their files to a chain. Seize this exceptional opportunity to harness its potential and write the next chapter of success in the heart of Southern California's healthcare landscape.

Southeast Region

Unlock a golden opportunity to acquire established pharmacies with a multi-store presence in a thriving community. With over two decades of local ownership, these pharmacies are fully staffed, allowing owners to operate primarily as overseers rather than pharmacists. Positioned as the sole independent pharmacies in the area, amidst only a few nearby chains, they enjoy minimal competition. Boasting annual sales surpassing $10 million per store and averaging nearly 1,300 prescriptions weekly, these pharmacies are poised for continued success. Located in one of the fastest-growing counties in North Carolina, and indeed the entire nation, now is the time to seize this opportunity and capitalize on the influx of business to the area. Ideal for absentee ownership, these pharmacies offer a lucrative investment opportunity for those seeking to enter or expand in the pharmaceutical industry.

Step into a slice of history in a newly renovated, historic community, just an hour's drive from the vibrant pulse of Atlanta. This pharmacy gem shines bright with annual sales eclipsing $3.5 million and a healthy net profit hovering around $130,000. Boasting nearly 1,000 retail prescriptions filled weekly, this turnkey operation presents an ideal opportunity for absentee ownership, with the current owners being non-operators. While delivery services are limited, the pharmacy's strategic location in a rapidly growing area brimming with potential ensures a steady flow of clientele. Positioned as the sole independent pharmacy amidst minimal competition, with just one chain pharmacy in the vicinity, this establishment stands as a beacon of opportunity for astute investors looking to make their mark in a historic yet burgeoning community.

"Thriving Legacy: Established Pharmacy for Sale Near Atlanta!
Step into a legacy of community care with this bustling pharmacy, serving its neighborhood for over five decades. Boasting an impressive average of nearly 2,000 prescriptions weekly and generating just under $8 million in annual sales, this pharmacy is not just a cornerstone but a beacon of health in its thriving community. With over $500,000 in net profit, predominantly from traditional retail operations and supplemented by a select few group homes and minimal delivery services, this pharmacy represents a rare opportunity for savvy investors. Located within an hour of Atlanta, in a vibrant and growing area, the potential for growth and expansion is limitless. Seize the chance to own a piece of history and continue the tradition of excellence in community healthcare. Inquire now to uncover more about this exceptional pharmacy!"

Serving the community for several decades within an hour from Atlanta. This traditional retail pharmacy has just under $5 million in revenue and filling an average of 1,500 presriptions per week. The community is growing rapidly. The pharmacy has a drive thru and has limited delivery services.Step into a time-honored cornerstone of the community, nestled within an hour's reach from the bustling heart of Atlanta. This beloved retail pharmacy, with decades of dedicated service, generates nearly $5 million in revenue annually, filling an impressive average of 1,500 prescriptions weekly. Positioned in a rapidly expanding locale, the pharmacy stands as a beacon of reliability and convenience. Featuring essential amenities like a drive-thru and modest delivery services, this pharmacy is poised to continue thriving amidst the community's growth. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of history while embracing the potential for future prosperity in this dynamic Southern hub.

East North Carolina – Multi-store owner in the community for 20+ years. Fully staffed, and owners seldom function as RPh.

Three well-established pharmacies located in Northern Kentucky with an impressive annual sales revenue of $12 million and an annual prescription volume of 229,000. The sale includes a profitable Durable Medical Equipment (DME) business. This opportunity stands out with minimal local competition and a dedicated customer base that has been faithfully served since 1964. Year-over-year, the volume of business continues to grow. Additionally, the real estate is included in the offering, with the option for sale or lease, and features a spacious front end stocked with a wide array of gift items.

A thriving Retail Pharmacy located in Southwest Tennessee is up for sale. With a successful track record of over 12 years and consistent growth, this pharmacy boasts annual sales exceeding 2.5 million and fills approximately 25,000 prescriptions per year. The current owner is committed to staying on board and is open to holding a partial note or shared ownership for the new owner.

2 Pharmacy Deal in North Carolina - Busy, established retail pharmacies with bigger front ends and fully staffed. The pharmacies have been part of the communities for almost two decades. Sales continue to grow at each store.

This is a well-established pharmacy (10+ years) in a smaller community less than an hour outside Atlanta. This community is BEAUTIFUL; historic sites have been updated, and the community is growing rapidly. It is located in a beautiful building next to a family practice and other prescribers. Very few competitors in the area. This is a good fit for either an operator owner or a non-operator owner, as staffing is stable!

Three well-established pharmacies located in Northern Kentucky with an impressive annual sales revenue of $12 million and an annual prescription volume of 229,000. The sale includes a profitable Durable Medical Equipment (DME) business. This opportunity stands out with minimal local competition and a dedicated customer base that has been faithfully served since 1964. Year-over-year, the volume of business continues to grow. Additionally, the real estate is included in the offering, with the option for sale or lease, and features a spacious front end stocked with a wide array of gift items.

Retail pharmacy in southwest Kentucky for sale. In operation for over 6 years with annual sales averaging $2.5M and 42,000 scripts/year. OTC sales are $40,000 annually. Medicaid volume is 39%. Building is for sale as well.


Intermountain Region

Intermountain Region

Denver area - This pharmacy is located next to a marketplace (both grocery and pharmacy owned by the same owner). The prescription volume is growing year after year and has a focus on many diabetic patients.

Compounding Pharmacy for Sale in Arizona - This is a very established, non-sterile hazardous company facility with upgrades to equipment. This is in a one-story building.

Rural Idaho Multi Store Pharmacies - This pharmacy is located in a BEAUTIFUL part of rural Idaho. If you like the outdoors, this place is for YOU! Second-generation owner with many long-term employees. The owner is still involved in the business and will need a pharmacist to replace him at one store. Sales increased 6.5% over 2022. They just converted to rural rates on two stores and switched wholesalers, so margins are rapidly increasing.

This Closed Door pharmacy is located in Tucson, AZ area and focuses on Hospice and Group Home prescriptions. Great relationships with the homes/facilities that they service, with Gross Margins approaching 50% with sales over $1.1 million (2022). The owner owns the building and is flexible, leasing the building, selling the building, or just selling the patient files to another existing pharmacy.

Two pharmacies are owned by the same ownership group in the Phoenix area. Because one of the pharmacies has a higher percentage of delivery and the pharmacies are relatively close to each other, it could be a great opportunity to consolidate all of the business into one location. The pharmacies have been open for 40+ years combined with a loyal pharmacy base. This is a great opportunity to use your business skills to grow these pharmacy businesses.

This owner has 3 pharmacies in a beautiful part of the rural Northwest. Each pharmacy is multi-generational. Two have rural third-party contracts and the combined stores are projected at $11.25M for 2023 with a 7.3% increase over the prior year.

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