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Doing business with Sean and Misty was a very pleasant experience for me.  They took care of me from the beginning until the end. I will not hesitate to refer them to my colleagues.  They will will work in their clients favor every step of the way.

- Eric T.

Thanks to Sean Duffy, he helped us sell our pharmacy. We was instrumental in getting us through the process and getting a price we were happy with.  We feel that Sean has the experience of many pharmacy sales that he can be trusted.  Sean also has many relationships in the industry that speak highly of his integrity. He was always available for questions and counseling.

- David Smith

I had an outstanding experience with Sean. He did all his best to get me the best offer when I sold my pharmacy. Nothing but great from the speedy responses , communication with the retail chain to get the best out of them, great help till the closing day. Thank you so much Sean for helping me.

- Bassim S.

Integrity's relationships with buyers made the negotiations smoother and efficient.  They know how to deal with each buyer.  We are very happy with the sales price Integrity negotiated for us and the service and attention received.  Five thumbs up.

- Francis Imada

Integrity pharmacy was referred to me by the owner of another pharmacy that was very satisfied with his results. I got in touch with them about a year after his sale and decided to go with them. I was especially pleased with them with regard to the sale of my pharmacy. They did all the paperwork and got me more than I expected. They were at the store during my inventory and watched over the crew and actually caught errors made by the crew. I would certainly use them again.

- Phillip

I cannot say enough kind words about all of the people at IPC.  They helped me through a daunting process that would still be happening if I tried this on my own!!  Call them if you are even thinking about selling your pharmacy--you won't regret it.

- Ruth Stewart

Selling my pharmacy was a big decision.  I had one time to maximize the value from the sale of my life's work and Sean got me more money then I ever thought was possible.

- John S.

Very knowledgeable, professional and efficient.

- Ebram Tawdrous

Sean (and Misty) were excellent. Extremely competent. Knew how to execute well. Knew what boundaries to push & up to what point. Definitely recommend you at least speak with them before pulling the trigger on anything.

- Eugene

Thank you for going out of your way to help me.  I inked a deal with XXXXXXX that will get me close enough to break even where I’ll be able to manage, and hopefully, if the compounds sell as well as I hope, I’ll actually come out putting some money in the bank in another 12 months.  You literally saved my finances for me. I’m truly grateful for everything.  I’ll shout your name from the rooftops to anyone looking to buy or sell their pharmacy. Not sure if you’re linked in with GPhA/AIP, which you probably are, but if not I can definitely reach out to Jonathan Marquess the vice president of AIP and let him know what a great job you did for me out of the goodness of your heart. Once again, I’m truly thankful. Now let’s cross our fingers and hope I can make it through next week without anymore hiccups. Have a safe trip overseas. Thanks again.

- Matt

I am very pleased with Integrity’s handling my pharmacy sale. They were clear with their services and professional. I have tried rx brokers in the past with no positive outcomes.I strongly recommend for any pharmacy sellers to talk with Integrity.

- Rick Newton
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