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A Year in Review - 2023: News, Notes, and Legislative Updates by State

Are you a pharmacy owner? Or maybe a better question is: Does your pharmacy own you?  We all know how challenging and time-consuming it is to own a pharmacy in today’s pharmacy environment.  When I started my career in pharmacy in the 80’s, “you could build it, and they would come.” Those days are long gone.  Now, an owner must be active in community events, have a social media presence, invest in digital marketing, find unique services that competitors are not providing, and more. These are extra things you must do to get patients in your doors. 


If these aren’t enough, you also need to be an HR manager, accountant, payroll clerk, business manager, merchandiser, and find the best cost on medications. And then, hopefully, you have some time left over to provide patient care and talk with your patients.  It is crazy, considering the multitasking involved in being a pharmacy owner.  It is difficult to find time to stay up to date on relevant pharmacy news, regulatory changes, and legislative updates.  That is why we are providing links to the most relevant pharmacy updates by month for 2023.

Original articles are published in America’s Pharmacist magazine, published by NCPA.

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