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A Year in Review - 2023: The Audit Advisor

As more pressure is applied to the PBMs to eliminate DIR fees, provide reasonable reimbursement, and become regulated, they will continue looking for ways to compensate for the lost revenue.  Audits are almost as certain as death and taxes.  NCPA has provided valuable information so pharmacy owners can proactively minimize/reduce audit discrepancies and reduce losses in their pharmacy business. 


Original articles are published in America’s Pharmacist magazine, published by NCPA.

  1. December 2023 – Billing Test Claims?  It Can Cost You!

  2. November 2023 – Best Practices for Dispensing GLP-1 Medications, Reducing Recoupment Risk

  3. October 2023 – Quantity Changes Cause Audit Appeal Trouble

  4. September 2023 – Billing Guidance: When to Use DAW 0 or DAW 9

  5. August 2023 – Updates on Medicare Part D Mandatory E-Prescribing Requirements for Non-Controlled Substances

  6. July 2023 – Ozempic and Mounjaro Prescriptions – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  7. June 2023 – Discount/Cash Care are Disruptions in the Industry

  8. May 2023 – Could You be Giving Away Vaginal Creams for Free?

  9. April 2023 – Be Prepared for Audits on Pharmacist-Prescribed Paxlovid

  10. March 2023 – Use and Posting of Guidance Documents by DEA

  11. February 2023 – Why Should I Obtain a Diagnosis Code for Ozempic?

  12. January 2023 – Understanding Caremark’s Restrictions on Bulk Purchasing and Invoice Audits


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